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Simply excellent. Delivery was on time and price is amazingly reasonable. They prepare the food exactly the way you place it on your order. Food is delicious and the food size beats any other Indian restaurants I have ordered before. Put it this way, the other Indian restaurants give you rice in that small little box that closes itself. This guys put it in the circular thin aluminimum container with the plastic cover. It about twice the amount you get from the other places. Keep it up guys and after shopping around for a great place to pick my dinner, I think I have found my favorite indian spot.


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I love Joy Indian! It's the only place in the neighborhood (or in our delivery range anyway) that makes really excellent flavorful food that doesn't all taste the same. The ingredients are good quality, and spicy really means spicy. I love their chicken vindaloo SO MUCH, but it's definitely a lot of spice to handle:) They also deliver very fast, are courteous and respectful. Will continue ordering from them!


4 reviews
Packaging was nice and clean and the quality of the food was amazing. I was shocked by how good it was and the way they packaged everything nicely. And my food was still warm by the time it got to me! Amazing taste. I hope to eat at a table in the restaurant in the future.


4 reviews
My favorite Indian tae-out in the neighborhood. Decent prices, always on time, and the food is always hot and delicious. The mainstays, like the Chicken Tikka Masala are perfectly spiced and use quality meat, and the vegetable dishes are excellent too.


2 reviews
If it delivers to you, it's probably the best Indian you'll get from GrubHub! It's 8/10 of all the Indian I've eaten. I have not actually had Indian food as experienced in India, but prefer some of the offerings in Jersey City to this.

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Top Reviewer
Hello: This was some of the BEST Indian food that I've had in years!!! I'm not kidding. I ordered the mixed entree (Thali?) and onion fritters for an appetizer. The main dish was chicken tandoori and was it delicious! It was so juicy and tender--not dry at all. The spinach dish was lovely as was the poori. One thing that struck me was just how good the basmati rice was! Initially I just decided to taste it on its own when everything arrived. Wow, I could've just eaten a big bowl of rice--it was just that good!! The delivery arrived about 15 minutes early so I gave the guy some extra cash. I can't wait to eat the leftovers later today because there's another meal there. Thank-you.


3 reviews
This place is great. Their Aloo Naan (potato naan) is delicious. They have great samosas. Excellent plain & Garlic naan as well. Chicken curry is great, vindaloo is great, delivery is quick, the guys who work there are very respectful over the phone and their kindness is appreciated (as are their very traditional indian culinary skills). I LOVE JOY INDIAN! This place is a real find and you should stop wondering whether curry heights is better and just order from JOY!


3 reviews
This is the best Indian food I've ever had. After living near 6th Street in Manhattan (Indian food row) for 20 years and eating at just about every restaurant there, not one ever approached the quality here. 5 years in Brooklyn searching for Indian and here it is. You could taste the fresh spinach in the Chana Saag. The Chicken Tikka was perfectly spiced. This is where it's at!


2 reviews
Even though I always tell myself I'm going to try something different, I always order the Vegetarian Thali. It's enough food for several meals (usually dinner and then lunch the next 2-3 days). The wait is reasonable, and you won't beat the amount of food for the price. The thali comes with three yummy dishes, bread, and sauces.


4 reviews
Awesome! Always good, always fast. Best Indian I can get delivered to dumbo by far. Used to have really long delivery times but they seem to have sorted it out. Only thing to fix is that you cant specify the protein when ordering Jalfrezi. If you dont know to put it in the notes, you either get their choice or a phone call.

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Brooklyn has it good now that our online ordering brings our Indian cuisine to you. Start with one of our appetizers and a soup, then taste the aromatic blend of seasonings and spices that only Indian recipes produce in classic entrees such as curry, biriyani and kurma. Vegetarians are also made to feel at home with over twenty different selections, all with the same traditional tastes. Order online with us now for easy delivery or convenient carry out to experience the richness of Indian cuisine.